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We don’t look like security 

Red Oak Security specializes in small events. As part of a family that owns a wedding venue, they understand how to provide event security without standing out or being over the top.  Their discrete uniforms blend in should they happen to show up in the background of event photographs, rather than looking like a SWAT wannabe attending a wedding.

Hiring security guards for your wedding many seem like an intrusion on your special day, but keeping your gifts and your guests’ valuables safe will make everyone more relaxed. They also supervise and patrol parking and parking areas, make sure only invited guests are allowed in, and calmly remove any disruptive or out of control guests so you are free to enjoy your day.

Determining how many security guards are needed for an event depends on the location, the number of guests, if there are areas that will be off-limits to guests, and whether or not alcohol will be served. Red Oak will discuss the specifics of your event with you and suggest how many guards will provide the desired level of security.

Requires a 4-hour minimum billing.
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